mandag 11. august 2008

I met Meat Loaf !!! And the amazing Neverland Express:)

Hi you guys!

I’m finally home, and I’ve just put my kids to bed:)

I know thousands of people have seen Meat the past weeks, but I feel so special to have seen him, and met him!! Just wanna share my story:) He is a wonderful person! So funny and caring. Gonna tell you my Meat story now…

We (me and Mette) came to Bergen Friday morning, and we stressed around the city for a while, getting ready for the concert. Berge was beautiful this weekend, with sun and Tall Ships Race. I made myself a t-shirt with ‘Wannabe Mrs. Meat’ on the front, and ‘U Got Me Begging’ (from Dead ringer, and my tattoo) on the back. So funny! Love it!!

We met Joya (she’s a gorgeous person!!), and 10 other lovely people at the Meet and Greet. I was dizzy, and my stomach was killing me, when we stood there waiting… Sooo nervous. Then: Meat came in! OMG, he is so beautiful! What a man!! He said hello to everyone, and made fun of our Norwegian names, cuz it’s quiet hard to pronounce in English… Funny funny:)

He saw my t-shirt, and said that he didn’t want to know my name; he could just call me Mrs. Meat. (ooooh!!) And he said that it ain’t gonna happen, but he could give me this: it is original! He had never seen anything like it, and I do believe he liked it:) And I got a kiss on my cheek … I was close to fainting here! LOL. *smiling big time* (breath Jeanette, breath!)

I gave him two presents, a ‘Moods Of Norway’ boxershorts with pink tractors on it. And a silver pick, which he can actually play with:) It says Meat Loaf on the front, so Meat said ‘aaah, so in case of emergency, I will know who I am’.

The concert was amazing. Meat was having so much fun, and Patti was glowing! She was jumping around the stage, and having a real good time. I do not much about hitting notes and stuff, but Meat sang perfect! I loved it, and Grieghallen was boiling! Even my good friend – who doesn’t like Meat that much – was impressed. He was singing, and waving his hands. Success!

I was in the front row, just in front of Meat. When the concert was coming to an end, he looked at me, pointing and he said: ‘So, you wanna be Mrs. Meat, huh??’ Ooooooohh!! He talked to me from the stage! Can you believe it? I’m out of English words to describe how I felt…. Just amazing!

My favorite songs was Dead Ringer, Frying Pan, If It ain’t broke, Paradise and Roadhouse. And Bat out Of Hell. Um, and Amnesty is Granted, Bad for good and I want you so hard. Uh, and the rest as well!!

After the show, we ran into Randy (happy happy, sweet!) and the very good looking Kasim, so of course we had to take a pic or 5 with them :D How can this night get any better? Well, the rest of the band came out as well!! They were soooo nice, and fun and sweet. So we took pics with Patti, John (so cute!) and Paul too. (Thank you, guys!!)

And guess what? Meat came too! 5 minutes of pure ECSTASY! He signed a red scarf that I made, and my Bat I cd. Aaaaand he said (uhm, something like this) : ‘Do you remember what I said to you from stage?’ Me: ‘Yeah, you said will you merry me?’ Meat laughing: ‘No way! I never talk to people in the audience, but I couldn’t resist, cuz you were so original’ Wow wow wow wow! Is this for real?? Still out of English words! I’m so happy and excited! This night couldn’t get any better than this! Meat – I love you!

So, this is my Meat story:) THANK YOU MEAT! And he rest of the band too! You are so amazing, and we love you – forever. Thanks for making my day!! Hope to see you again in Norway soon :)

Jeanette is happy and excited * CHEERFUL * cheery * merry * joyful * jovial * jolly * jocular * gleeful * carefree * untroubled * delighted * smiling * beaming * grinning * in good spirits * in a good mood * lighthearted * pleased * contented * content * satisfied * gratified * buoyant * radiant * sunny * blithe * joyous * beatific * thrilled * elated * exhilarated * ecstatic * blissful * euphoric * overjoyed * exultant * rapturous * in seventh heaven * on cloud nine * walking on air * jumping for joy * jubilant * chirpy * over the moon * on top of the world * tickled pink * on a high * as happy as a clam. Hope you are too!!